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Ed Mylett

“Phenomenal! I’ve been speaking for 30 years on stages all over the world to millions of people, and I think what you will see is the most impressive set up between the former world we used to be in and the new post-COVID world and the future of hybrid events.”

Ed Mylett

Global Keynote Speaker, Bestselling Author, Host of The Ed Mylett Show

Marie Forleo

“The space, the team, and technology are ALL top-notch. Stephen has built a phenomenal studio for hosting life-changing events. Live, virtual, hybrid – you cannot go wrong with Scoggins International!”

Marie Forleo
Host of MarieTV, #1 NYT Bestselling Author, & Entrepreneur

The Future of Event Experiences Starts Here

The popularity of virtual events has skyrocketed in the last 2-3 years – and there are no signs of slowing down. 

In fact, today’s leading speakers and influencers are ditching traditional venues for modern-day hybrid events.

Hybrid events bring in-person and virtual attendees together, so you can expand your reach and connect with audiences in person and in homes across the world. 

Traditional venues aren’t equipped to provide engaging experiences for virtual audiences. Outdated technology, venue limitations, and an inability to execute the required moving pieces are just a few reasons why most venues can’t host world-class live events for today’s market. 

Our state-of-the-art hybrid venue is designed with BOTH in-person and virtual audiences in mind. 

We make it easy to create incredible experiences for ALL attendees, so you can reach more people and bring in more revenue.

Your turnkey solution for live, virtual, and hybrid events

Signature event options include:

A Next-Level Experience for Virtual Audiences

Create an unforgettable experience for your guests tuning in from around the world. Here’s how our venue is unlike any other:


Jenna Kutcher

“Being on this stage reignited my love for speaking! I felt fully alive, seen, impactful thanks to the remarkable team, the incredible support, the unmatched energy, and the intentional design. This space is unlike anything I’ve experienced and it allows you to trust that the work you’re doing is touching lives in person and in homes across the world!” 

Jenna Kutcher
Speaker, Bestselling Author, and Host of the #1 Marketing Podcast, Goal Digger


“The Scoggins team just crushed it for us again. I don’t know anywhere on the east coast that puts this level of detail, experience, and technology into a proven process to host and execute world-class events.” 

Rory Vaden

New York Times Bestselling Author, 8-Figure Entrepreneur, and Hall of Fame Speaker

First-Rate Event Production

Unmatched Cinematic Video Production

An Unforgettable VIP Experience

Get ready to roll out the red carpet! Memorable events often require innovation, dreaming, and exciting getaways for your speakers and your guests. We’ll help you create, plan, and execute incredible outings for your and your group. Simply share your dream with us and let our team handle the rest! We’ll take care of the arrangements, while you focus on creating connections and building relationships that will last a lifetime.

A few of our most popular excursions

Welcome to The City of Oaks

The Best Hidden Secret on The East Coast

In recent years Raleigh, North Carolina, has become an incredible, international, vibrant place to visit and live with a number of cool cafes, bars, breweries, award-winning Michelin-star restaurants, food halls, a nationally recognized eclectic music scene, museums, festivals, and arts & cultural activities. From fine dining to wineries, The City of Oaks is a hidden treasure that Scoggins International is happy to help you show off and explore with your team, your speakers, and your guests.

Randy garn

“Everything was WORLD-CLASS!! Their attention to detail is simply amazing! We have found a new home for every major event we have in the pipeline.”

 Randy Garn
New York Times bestselling author, passionate entrepreneur, and high-performance coach.


Stephen Scoggins

I have a huge place in my heart for thought leaders who sincerely want to change the world in a deeply meaningful way. 

My life’s journey started in a difficult place that led me to homelessness and hopelessness. In that dark time over 30 years, I attended a live event as a guest – it was a gift from a friend that changed my life forever. At that very event, I swore that I would transform myself so I could one day transform others. And so I did. 

I began hosting my own transformational live event, Unstoppable Live. And It wasn’t long after that I discovered I enjoyed helping my thought leader friends create their own signature events just as much as I enjoyed hosting my own. 

That’s when I knew there was more than one way to transform lives. If I help you, and you help them, we all win!

The Smarter Way to Create Winning Events

Having an audience of engaged in-person and virtual attendees increases your impact and revenue for any single event. 

While your in-person audience is always going to be confined to necessary factors – location, capacity, and cost — your virtual audience can join from anywhere in the world, at an unlimited capacity, and for a lower price.

So… Are you leaving money on the table when you choose a traditional venue?

If they don’t include high-quality virtual experiences, the answer is YES!

Let’s be honest. Live events take a great deal of planning, coordinating, and up-front investment.

So if you want to leverage your efforts and maximize your ROI, hybrid live events are the answer.

Expanding your offer to include a high-quality virtual experience can DOUBLE or even TRIPLE your revenue from any single event.

Exceptional Execution,
Every Time.

Programs and Services

Choose what you’d like us to handle for your event.

Event Planning

  • Concept Development
  • Technology Needed
  • Travel Services
  • Food Services
  • Show Flow
  • And more… 

Event Branding

  • Event Swag
  • Event Music 
  • Event Custom Animations
  • Available Venue Branding  
  • And more…

Event Production 

  • Specialized Cinema-grade Cameras
  • Camera crew
  • Producers
  • Directors
  • Floor Coordinators 
  • Available MC’s 
  • Robotic Slide, Gibs and more…

Event Registration

  • Virtual Audience Custom Dashboard Link access
  • Virtual Video / Photography Waivers
  • Live Attendee QR-Codes
  • Live Attendee COVID waivers for our added protection 
  • Live Attendee Video & Photography Waivers
  • Hospitality team members to help your guest feel right at home
  • VIP Concierge 
  • Presenters Concierge 
  • And a whole lot more… 


Event Execution 

  • Lights, Camera, ACTION!
  • Available attendee lunch services
  • Copies of your program feed at no charge 
  • And more… 


Event Follow up

  • Post-event debriefs
  • The post-event audience feedback loop so that we can elevate all future events
  • Post-event thank you gifts and more…

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Every production is built from the ground up based on your visions, your audience, and the amount of our production team needs.

There are several considerations that must be discussed in order to determine your overall investment.

Do you need us to plan and execute or do you want to plan and have us execute? Would you like VIP services for your presenters and your guests? Would you like pre-planned world-class excursions? 

Book a call today and we’ll help you lay out your vision and execute your dream event!

Most events take roughly one and half months of planning per 100 live attendees or one month for 1000 virtual attendees. Large scale events best utilize a 6-month runway of preparations to execute with excellence.

One of the things Scoggins International is known for is helping you truly clarify your dream event. We partner with you to bring your event to reality. We can do the heavy lifting for you and help you plan everything from your guest experience, your production needs, food & beverage, lodging, travel services and more. 

Our goal is to let you shine on and off the stage. Book a call to learn more about a partnership with us today.

We offer you complete customization, dedicated support, and a reliable partner to help you build an event that you can monetize, be proud of, and use to serve a greater scale.

  • 400-Seat World-Class Auditorium

  • Live-Cast Your Virtual Audience

  • State-of-the-Art Technology and Software

  • Online Event Dashboard

  • Custom-Branded Stage and Venue

  • Professional In-House Event Production

  • Multi-Angle On-Stage Videography

  • Backstage, Behind-the-Scenes, & Live Audience Footage

  • Private Green Room

  • VIP Trips and Excursions

VIP Catering

Create your Signature Event today